Small mirror with mosaic frame, handmade with direct technique on wooden base. 


The tesserae are in white marble interspersed with a few touches of colored glass.Tthe linear and simple trend gives the mirror a minimal style making it very versatile and suitable for different styles of furniture.


Ideal for decorating an entrance. The mirror has a central hole at the top to allow it to hang comfortably. The mirror is decorated completely by hand with the contemporary mosaic technique of a neutral mirror.


The frame presents an enchanting fantasy of triangles cut by hand one by one. The colors are silver and mother of pearl enhanced by white stucco between the joints.


This extremely bright processing ensures that the cards emit a thousand different reflections. Elegant without being excessive, flashy but discreet, it is the perfect combination between modernity and tradition.

Benefits for using our mirrors

The mirror is the favorite of singles who are furnishing a very modern and stylish apartment. This is due to the fact that the processing in slats turns out to be very original and avant-garde, practically unobtainable elsewhere.  This is also a piece made entirely by hand. It is a mirror mounted on a wooden panel and surrounded by a 10 cm frame completely decorated with the mosaic technique

The frame is decorated in fact with slats of neutral mirror mixed with slats of colored glass.

The colors can be customized to be adapted to other colors. It is ideal for lighting a living room, an entrance or even a modern bathroom. Among the tesserae in neutral mirror that give magical reflections and always new, I added silver leaf cards that make the frame more precious and elegant. I then passed a white putty between the pieces. After the polishing, a spectacular, discreet, elegant and original work has come out.